New News

update (4/2014): After 6 months of giving the old college try -- literally -- the second attempt to rewrite the site is getting shut down. This time around, we threw the site at a software engineering class. Four students volunteered to take it on as their class project, and decided to use Drupal to transition the site into the world of CSS3, HTML5, and CMS. They did make some progress, but as often happens, they did not get it all done in the academic year and they were no longer captive programmers once the semester ended. Three of the four dropped out, leaving just two of us (thanks Malcolm Mendez!) to grapple with Drupal.
At this point I must express my hatred for CMS, Drupal in particular. Malcolm and I (mostly Malcolm) struggled to get all the site functionality up and looking good for a while before we both decided this week that we hate Drupal and there is a better way forward. I'm sure Drupal is loved by many, but those people certainly weren't volunteering here!
The new BGRA is in progress, and once again, I will be heading up the development. It will be a modern web app built on modern frameworks in HTML5, Less, and JS. As always, I would love to hear from anyone with experience coding who would be able to donate work, especially designers and people handy with Less, CSS, and Photoshop. Wishful thinking? Probably! But please contact me if you would be willing to donate any time, even a couple of hours, in exchange for being immortalized in the Who Are the BGRA page.
While I work on these important upgrades, the existing site will be up and functioning as usual. Once the database is migrated (new and improved) and browse and view works, I will open the new site for use by everyone. Submissions will be next on my list, then I'm also hoping to restart the BGRA Features and other bonus content. Please volunteer for those as well if you want to be a fancy-pants published dude (or dudette)! Much has changed since the original feature articles were written -- just let me know
Happy Hunting,
Matt Schmill
BGRA Founder