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Advertisement Policy

as of 5/8/2006
by Matt Schmill

For its first 10 years, the BGRA has been free to the internet community in almost every sense of the word. Free for anyone to contribute, free for anyone to read. For roughly half of that time, the site's hosting was financed by me, and since then hosting was covered by David King of Bass Guitar Systems. Site development and coding was done for free, by me, and features and editing were done by volunteers.

One of the reasons I have kept the site free for so long is because I did not feel there was an acceptable advertising program out there. I did not want the ads to be obtrusive, and I wanted you, the readers, to be able to turn the ads off should you not want to have to look at them.

After much consideration, and some site programming, I have decided to enroll the BGRA in Google's advertising program, with the option for the visitor to opt out. The proceeds will be used to pay for/offset the site's hosting costs. Should there ever be a case where proceeds exceed the hosting costs, they will either accrue for leaner times, or they will be used to pay for hours of continued development and site programming.

I hope that the new ads will be inobtrusive or even helpful to BGRA visitors. I have already noticed that TalkBass shows up as a hit at times. TalkBass is a great site and I think it bodes well for the program. PSAs will also appear when no relevant ads are available. Should the new advertisements prove unappealing, you may turn them off. The opt out mechanism requires only the click of a button that says "ads off". You must allow a cookie to be set on your browser. The cookie will specify exactly that you do not want ads -- nothing more -- and will last for 24 hours. You can re-set the cookie next time you visit the BGRA.

Thanks for supporting the BGRA. Look forward to new developments in the future!