Bass Gear Review Archive Editing Policy

Editorial Policy

as of 8/19/2001

The primary goal of the BGRA is to allow bass gear consumers to freely express their thoughts, opinions, and experiences with bass gear they have owned or used. The policy of the BGRA is to post reviews with minimal changes. The editorial policy at the BGRA makes the following provisions for the modification of submitted reviews:

  1. Reviews can be edited for grammatical and spelling errors without notice to the author. This is not routine BGRA policy, but reviews can be edited for grammar and spelling for the sake of clarity.
  2. Reviews will be edited at the request of the author(s).
  3. Reviews will be edited to correct factual errors if they are caught by the editorial staff or brought to the attention of the editorial staff by a visitor. For example, if the power handling of a speaker cabinet is incorrectly reported in a review, it will be changed to the correct rating without notice to the author.
  4. Unneccesarily obscene language may be deleted without notice to the author. This is a judgment call by the editorial staff, who are encouraged to be lenient in most cases.
  5. Unsubstantiated claims made in any review may be contested by affected parties. This process is reserved to cases in which false or speculative claims may do unwarranted damage the reputation of a business or person. When a claim is contested, the review will be temporarily disabled, and the author will be contacted and asked to substantiate the claim or consent to striking the claim from the review. If the author cannot substantiate the claim within a 48 hour period, or does not respond, the review will be edited to exclude the contested content. Please refer to the page on trouble tickets for more details.
  6. Obvious attempts to mislead or deceive will be edited without notification. Authors may also contest edits of this nature by submitting trouble tickets.
  7. Reviews will not be accepted from anyone affiliated with the manufacturer of the reviewed item. This includes employees, family members of employees, retailers, as well as compensated endorsers.